Be more suitable for micro economy general currency than BTC

From digital economy to digital Inclusive Finance, with the support of innovative technology and policy, micro economy has been fully recovered. Micro economy is the most active cell in the market economy, and it is also an important part of the digital economy. In recent years, the transaction activity of micro payment has increased significantly, the number of new payment has increased significantly, the trend of digital transformation is obvious, the demand of faster transaction, lower cost and more secure assets has been constantly proposed, and the encrypted assets based on blockchain technology have been gradually applied as a means of payment, which provides a very favorable economic background for the development of bed.

Micro payment mainly refers to the transfer of small amount of funds. There is no dividing line here. Some people will classify micro payment as less than $1, while others will say that it is for the payment of less than $20, some even smaller. However, the existing traditional digital payment methods can not meet this requirement. For example, companies like PayPal are expensive even if they allow credit cards to be used for payment, especially when the legal currency needs to be converted on the way.

Fortunately, blockchain technology brings hope to the field of micro payment, which can be achieved by creating a micro payment system. With the continuous development of the Internet of things, micro payment will become more and more important. However, it is obvious that in the world of blockchain, bitcoin is not suitable for small transactions because of its great volatility, high handling charges and slow transaction speed. In order to solve these problems and provide better solutions, bed came into being.

Bed provides a decentralized and completely anonymous monetary service for people all over the world. At the same time, it has the characteristics of low delay payment, delay settlement, enhanced privacy, cross chain atomic exchange and so on. It provides payment and settlement solutions based on digital assets for promoting the implementation of blockchain technology application scenarios and serving the real economy. Relying on its original off chain payment system, bed establishes the most efficient and lowest cost payment channel, making bed the preferred architecture of micro payment protocol, thus promoting the further integration of encrypted digital asset payment and real economy.

It can be said that bed is an evolutionary BTC, which draws on many technical features of BTC and adds more functions. BED technology as a new currency system in the digital age of human society, combined with its technical characteristics, will promote the Internet Ecology to the Internet plus block chain. In this process, hundreds of thousands of decentralized applications will appear based on bed, and its future ecological influence will be no less than that of cross-border Android ecosystem.

With the emergence of bed, cryptocurrency is a step closer to becoming a feasible micro payment option. At present, digital operation based on blockchain technology has become an important competition point for major payment institutions, and small and micro enterprises will also become a must for blockchain payment industry entrants, while bed has taken the lead in market layout to open up the path of micro payment.