BED brings opportunities for miners to get rich

Before, we discussed the technical knowledge of BED and analyzed the value of BED. For investors, the most concerned thing is how BED creates income for themselves. Of course, the easiest way is to hold the currency and wait for it to rise. , Is there any other better way to get income? This article leads you to understand the specific situation.

1. Use Bitcoin mining machines to mine to gain income

Bitcoin’s latest network-wide computing power is about 155.1 billion hash collisions (155.1E) per second, which is 155 times that of the beginning of 2016 and 1.5 trillion times that of the beginning of 2012. In another 10 years, I believe that Bitcoin’s computing power will reach a new order of magnitude, which will surpass everyone’s imagination.

Behind the explosive growth of Bitcoin’s computing power is the exponential jump in the performance of mining equipment. From the early FPGA mining machine to the current ASIC mining machine, the chip technology design is constantly upgrading. In the current 5nm competition, and the upcoming 3nm era, once new mining machines appear due to technological advancement, mining with old equipment will have almost no profit, and it will become broken copper and iron, which is worthless. This is a part of human society. Big waste.

An effective way to increase the life-cycle value of mining machines is to use bitcoin mining machines to mine the ecological digital asset of the bit-BED. At present, BED supports all new and old bitcoin mining machines to mine. Beginner players can purchase computing power on the Orange Computing App.

2. POS pledge mining

In order to make the network more stable, BED adopts the POW+POS consensus algorithm. To participate in BED’s PoS consensus proof, token holders must lock their BED tokens to purchase “Tickets.” When users purchase tickets, the BED tokens they use will be locked, and the lock-up period will last until their tickets are called by the network’s pseudo-random function to complete the voting, which is a mining cycle (1008 blocks). Beginner players can perform POS pledge mining on the Orange Hash Power APP to obtain income.

3. Become an intermediate node

The BED off-chain payment network is separate from the BED blockchain network, which means that the nodes of the off-chain network are separate from the nodes of the main network. For end users (such as consumers or merchants), the requirements for running off-chain payment network nodes are very low. You only need to start the node, fund a channel, and set it up. If you plan to run an intermediate node with frequent transactions that has many channels open to other nodes, you must lock some coins to open channels with various counterparties. When acting as an intermediate node, there are corresponding transaction fees as incentives to cover operating costs.

In the bull market, the most obvious effect of wealth creation is not those who want to hold money to rise, because the market fluctuates too sharply, and few people can really make the so-called fixed investment or long-term; those who really get higher returns are those who understand a project. , I believe that investors in a project, such as miners, after paying a certain cost, almost have long-term stable income. Once the currency price rises, their early payment (mining, POS pledge, becoming an intermediate node, etc.) will make Their worth has gone up. BED aims to design and develop an encrypted currency system with the second largest computing power in the encrypted digital ecosystem. Compared with this ambitious goal, the current market value and price of BED are seriously underestimated. It is a good time to invest in the deployment of BED computing power in the future. When it reaches the current level of Bitcoin, it is the highlight moment that truly belongs to BED.

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