Financial micropayment enabled by bed technology

3 min readMar 4, 2021


Now let’s talk about blockchain. The first Lenovo target is bitcoin. Because of a series of wealth effects caused by bitcoin’s surge in recent years, blockchain gives people more impression of money and investment products, but its own technical advantages are not paid attention to by the public. As a new generation of Internet technology trend, blockchain has a strong promotion for the upgrading of the real economy, especially in the field of micro payment in the financial industry, blockchain technology can be applied and expanded in a deeper level.

Blockchain plays an important role in the real industry in all aspects. Bed combines with blockchain technology to develop financial micro payment, upgrades on the basis of bitcoin, and then absorbs the advantages of other cryptocurrencies to build a new blockchain payment system.

Before bed, bitcoin has long been known and put into use in the payment market. However, in the process of using bitcoin to pay, in addition to the risk of disclosure of transaction information, there is also a lot of handling charge for each transaction, which is a huge expense accumulated over a long period of time. For the initiator of the transaction with a small amount, the cost is high and inconvenient. The high service charge also reduces the profit margin, and bed solves this problem well. The service charge is very low, so that users can enjoy a safer and more affordable way of payment.

In terms of data security, numerous cases of bitcoin leaking data make users feel extremely uneasy. In order to achieve absolute data privacy protection in the transaction process, bed uses mixed currency technology to avoid disclosing personal information in all transaction links, and hides real information through multi role participation in the transaction, making it difficult for attackers to find the corresponding mapping relationship in the transaction process.

If you watch carefully, you will find that the existing digital currency payment network is becoming slower and slower. That is because there are too many historical transactions on the network, which leads to slower and slower payment processing on the network. In the face of the increasing market demand for transactions, the current payment network block processing speed is far behind. The network of bed can quickly process a large number of transactions in a short time, including cross-border transactions with delay. Through a variety of tests, the timeliness of bed in dealing with transactions is much higher than the existing payment network.

By combining with the advantages of blockchain, bed system can not only play an important role in the field of micro payment, but also realize the free conversion and circulation of assets, build a full ecological circulation platform, grow with users and let users get benefits.

The emergence of bed micropayment strengthens the role of digital currency in the field of future payment and leads the business transformation of future payment. The new payment solution designed by bed also provides a lower cost, faster efficiency and higher security alternative for the financial sector, which has more advantages than the current payment tools and breaks the development barriers of digital payment.