No matter bull market or bear market, bed will open a better life for people!

The enthusiasm of bull market also brings many problems for blockchain transaction, such as too high gas. Take the current Ethereum network as an example, the transaction fee can be as few as tens of dollars, as many as hundreds of dollars, and there are still some problems such as slow block confirmation speed. Bitcoin network is more prominent in this aspect. If a high-quality currency wants to circulate, it must have the characteristics of instant transaction, zero handling charge or extremely low handling charge. Obviously, the shortcomings of bitcoin and Ethereum hinder its better circulation.

Through the anonymous transaction mechanism and the offline payment system of bed, the security and privacy protection of the transactions on and off the chain of bed can be realized, and the performance requirements of a large number of users can be met at the same time. In a word, the use of bed payment has the characteristics of instant transaction and low handling charge, which provides the basis for the wide application of bed in commercial payment.

The vision of bed is to become the currency in the digital era of human society, which is widely used in the payment, transaction and settlement of economic activities. The security, privacy protection and large-scale transaction processing ability of bed are the basis of payment currency in economic life.

In the future, bed will play an important role in the field of cryptocurrency. The mining computing power of bed will be second only to bitcoin, which is the largest protection network for the network security of bed, and also the basis for the ecological derivative development of bed.

In terms of technology, bed adopts POW + POS consensus mechanism. The new block proposed by POW miner can only be added to the blockchain network after being identified as effective by POS node, which means that the blockchain network will not be bifurcated, that is, bitcoin will not be shunted by BCH and BSV!

In addition, bed effectively manages POW miners and POS nodes through reasonable incentive mechanism, and decides how to formulate and implement software upgrades, community management, conflict resolution and other issues. Finally, the goal of bed is to build a secure and widely used encrypted digital asset to meet the needs of value storage and commercial payment applications.

The development team of bed hopes to promote the global development of bed payment network through the continuous efforts of itself and the community, as well as close partners inside and outside the industry, to become a global payment system and financial infrastructure, and to provide safe and affordable financial services for the public. In the future, bed will make people transfer money to all over the world as simple and cheap as texting. No matter where people live, what they do and how much money they earn, bed will open a better life for people.

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